Russia’s UN ambassador Churkin says New Zealand’s draft resolution on Syria ‘worth consideration’

Russia’s ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin said the UN Security Council draft resolution on the situation in the Syrian city of Aleppo prepared by New Zealand is worth consideration.

“I think this is an interesting effort, and I think that we can definitely consider it. I hope they [New Zealanders] will be persistent in their efforts,” the diplomat said.

The UN Security Council draft resolution proposed by New Zealand provides for the withdrawal of rebels from eastern Aleppo in compliance with the initiative of the UN Secretary General’s special envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura. It also requires combatants to “immediately and completely cease all attacks that can lead to death or injury of people or damage to civilian objects.” First of all, this concerns air strikes on Aleppo, according to the text of the draft document.

The document also provides for the regular introduction of 48-hour truce for the delivery of humanitarian aid. The first truce, according to the draft resolution, should occur within 24 hours after its adoption. In addition, the document indicates the need for demarcation of the opposition groups and terrorist groups included in the UN Security Council lists.


Source: Tass/Syria & Iraq News


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