Triple suicide attack in Qamishlo kills at least 16

The northeastern Syrian city of Qamishlo in Rojava canton has been hit by triple suicide attacks in Wusta, Seyahî and Xerbî neighborhoods Wednesday night, as Assyrian Christians from the district were celebrating the new year at two Assyrian-owned restaurants.

The aftermath of the bomb attack at 'Miami' restaurant in Qamishlo
The aftermath of the bomb attack at ‘Miami’ restaurant in Qamishlo

The first blast at Miami Restaurant in Wusta neighborhood occurred at 22:05, which was followed by a second in Gabriel Restaurant in Seyahi neighborhood several minutes later, and a third one in the same restaurant soon later.

One other suicide attack by terrorists was conducted near the Medinet Eş-Şebab (Youth’s Centre) in Xerbî neighborhood.

In the meantime, Asayish (public security) forces avert at the last minute another suicide attack set to be conducted with a bomb-laden motorcycle among the people who gathered at the scene of the blast in Wusta neighborhood. Asayish members killed the assailant and detonated the motorcyle.

Meanwhile a group of terrorist attackers opened fire on Asayish members, who responded immediately and encircled the group. Fighting between both sides is going on.

Suicide attack in Qamishlo
Suicide attack in Qamishlo

The consecutive suicide attacks have reportedly left many casualties who have been rushed to hospitals in Qamishlo city.

After the attacks, Daesh has claimed the attacks through a video that was published on their news agency Aamaq.

Sources: ANF News, Reuters


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